Transitioning from Windows to Mac growing pains

So I am learning how to manuver on the MacBook, I am a bit irritated with the differences.  I am slowly adjusting to them, but did not realize how different they really would be.  I miss my memorized short cuts from Windows that do not work in MacBook (ie. Control + C = COPY, etc).  Also the closing of  windows on the computer screen is on the right for Windows and on the left for the MacBook.  I believe learning the new shortcuts is easier than breaking my habit of going to the right to X out of the windows on the computer screen.  I cannot count how many times I go to the right to close a window.

If anyone has any advice on the learning transitions from Windows to a Mac, please let me know.  Anything to increase my efficiency would be greatly appreciated.



More women in the Programming world needed!

The class I am taking is with Tech Talent South and everyone so far is wonderful and very motivated with this type of education. They are especially motivated to get more women in the programming world and offer scholarships for women. Score for me! I already know many programmers do not have many social skills when dealing with customers, so having worked in that line of work previously gives a slight advantage. Tech Talent South has a free class for kids for learning about the internet and programming. I think that is a great idea and offered to sit in or assist if I can for the class. Plus it will give me and idea of some of the stuff I will be going over and see if my daughter might be interested in attending. Oh and I have finally acquired a MacBook Pro. Yay! Now the fun part teaching this Windows girl how to move around and become efficient using the laptop. So far it is rather strange to me as the differences are very different. Though everyone I know that has a Mac has only praise about using the Mac. So we will see if I will agree with that transition.

Help from a neighbor, Ruby Workshop & research on most efficient laptop for coding

I am fortunate enough to have a great neighbor who took a in-depth 8 week Code immersion class last year and did very well with it. He fact he took the extra time after class and on the weekends to learn more and extend his knowledge. That provided him a solid base and he had a job lined up before he even finished the class. We talked about what he did and he encouraged me to take a free Intro to Programming with Ruby on Rails workshop on a Saturday to see how I felt about it. I definitely learned Microsoft Vista is in a special hell of it’s own 🙂 and that I need to invest into a Mac Pro.


Reason why I am switching to a new career

I am transitioning from a job in insurance commercial underwriting that wore me down, under-appreciated and under-valued my hard work. I worked there for 14 years and kept hoping for improvements that management promised. Finally burnt out and left that negative environment and discovered that was the correct decision.

I do not like bashing a company I worked for so that will be all I will mention about it.



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