Help from a neighbor, Ruby Workshop & research on most efficient laptop for coding

I am fortunate enough to have a great neighbor who took a in-depth 8 week Code immersion class last year and did very well with it. He fact he took the extra time after class and on the weekends to learn more and extend his knowledge. That provided him a solid base and he had a job lined up before he even finished the class. We talked about what he did and he encouraged me to take a free Intro to Programming with Ruby on Rails workshop on a Saturday to see how I felt about it. I definitely learned Microsoft Vista is in a special hell of it’s own 🙂 and that I need to invest into a Mac Pro.

I did do some research into choosing a Mac Pro with O SX and a ThinkPad with Windows or Linux OS. Since the RTP/Durham/Raleigh has a rather large Ruby on Rails representation here, the Mac Pro would be the most fluid and efficient laptop to use for coding. And also from researching the internet and input from a multitude of friends in the field (who can be quite opinionated in their preferences), I decided that would be the best choice. Fortunately it’s March, so I have time to adapt to the differences from PC and Mac computers. Thank goodness!

I am motivated and ready to conquer something new, challenging and ever changing. Nothing humdrum for me. Though I have to survive the wait til the class starts on April 20th. Wish me luck!!


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