End of week 5 – Light Bulb

Week 5 and three more weeks till I am done with the Coding Immersion camp.  Yesterday I had the Light Bulb moment when everything started making connections and I could figure out Syntax Errors on my own and they were usually just a typo of a letter or colon instead of a semi-colon.  YAY  ME!!  I am really enjoying this camp and cannot wait to begin a new career.

I was beginning to worry when that would happen and I really do need a job by the end of class as I am reinventing myself into website programmer and I am currently unemployed.  So far it has been fine, but money is starting to get tight.  But I do believe I made the right decision to leave my job of 14 years.   It was making me miserable and affecting my health.  Verification was 2 days after I left my job, how I felt was like night and day.  I felt good, had energy and actually wanted to go out and do something.  I felt “Happy.” Before I would just get home and be emotionally and mentally exhausted with no desire to do anything.  That right there was a wake up call and proof that my decision was correct.

I would recommend anyone who is miserable at their job and really does not look forward to going to work, to reevaluate their job and home life.  See how one is affecting the other and if there is a problem to resolve.  It’s better to make a little less and enjoy your job and job environment; than stay at a job that you are miserable and dread going to everyday.  I wish I had realized this years before now, but really better late than never.

I can only hope this blog helps give others the hope and courage to make changes in your life that you are scared to do, but know in your head it is the right decision.  I am so grateful for the support from my family and friends in this new adventure!  Also grateful as the developer/coder/programmer community is really great and are more than willing to help you out and give great advice.  Looking forward to being part of this community and reaching out and helping others.

Step Out and Make a Difference in your Life!


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  1. riverrei
    May 22, 2015 @ 10:55:51

    It really is amazing how much better your quality of life is when you omit the things dragging you down. When you are so used to feeling miserable sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint what it is making you feel that way. I commend you for being able to find what made you miserable and resolving that issue. It isn’t always easy and you had the strength and courage to forge ahead without knowing where the path might lead you. It definitely says a lot about you 🙂 congratulations! I hope this new job choice will be a much better fit for you 🙂



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