Done and over!!

It’s been a little over a week, but I have completed the bootcamp and recovered from bronchitis.  I slept a lot last week and this weekend.  My daughter was so kind and shared the crud with me and mine turned into bronchitis.  Unfortunately I was not able to stay the entire last day of class, because I felt so bad and was not able to participate as much on our Team Project.  One of the other students on the team was sick too, so the project was not as great as I would have liked.  Of all the weeks to get sick that was definitely not the one. 😦

Now just feel overwhelmed at looking for a job as I feel I do not know enough.  I can create a basic website without using my notes for most of the creation and know how to Google to find things I want to do.  And I can whiz thru Bootstrap in a Ruby on Rails environment with no problems.  I know I am probably slow compared to some, but I could be just over-analyzing myself. Like usual.  I am a great employee.  I work hard and have no problem at helping others out if I am able.  I pick up very quickly and have no problem with going the extra mile.  And as long as I have an employer that appreciates me, then I am good to go.

Money is now getting really tight and I want to get a job programming than getting a temporary job.  If I have to, I will get one to hold me over, but if I have a job programming I will improve and get the experience I need.  Needless to say I have been stressing and staying up late working on website projects.  Sleep is a friend I haven’t seen often lately.

Though when they are up and running, I may go work for Luxury Shoe Club as they want a female Ruby on Rails developer.  They are a startup and hoping to launch come September.  So I need to get experience between now and then.  They have a brilliant idea and just won a NC Idea grant.  That is not an easy grant to receive as they have to prove and show how they can be successful with their idea.  I met with them last Friday and we got along fine, so I’ll probably hang out with them again when I am able.  

I also met with a recruiter on Monday and one call me the week before, but no job at the moment.  The recruiter I met on Monday had me tweek my resume to be more developer oriented and I emailed it back to him today.  Hopefully I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

There is a Tech Breakfast tomorrow at NC State that is held monthly and has free breakfast.  Also has some speakers, but the important part there are employers looking for developers and developers (like me!) looking for jobs.  A great place to network and get a job.  That’s the plan!

Pray and wish me luck!  

Stressed out and ready to work!

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