Crazy busy

Wow! I did not realize how long it has been since I typed on my blog.  Definitely need to schedule a reminder on my calendar.

It’s been an interesting couple weeks.  Having recruiters call and talk to me about what I want to do, going to workshops and meets to network and now going to my 3rd interview tomorrow for a back-end developer at a place I would really like to work.  I have been really busy and I am still unemployed.  Life will get really interesting when I do get a job.



Looking and waiting

I meant to type this out a few days ago, but kept getting sidetracked.  I have been looking for a new job and I have had a few recruiters contact me, so that is something.  I do have an interview next week for somewhere I really would like to work, so we will see how that goes.  I also was just contacted by a recruiter for a 6 months for Cisco, but I am not sure I want to work for a big corporation. More

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