How much info can you process??

Been 2 weeks since I last posted, but I have been learning more than I thought I could. I really didn’t think my brain could take as much and actually process it, so I could use it.  Yay me!  Though my last day at the backend developer job will be next Friday, but that is okay.  

I knew I was starting already behind on the knowledge needed for the position and knew going into this position that I might not be able to do what type of work was needed.  It really is for someone with a little more experience than what I have at the moment.  However I did learn a lot and know where to concentrate some of my skills.  Perhaps in 6-12 months I’ll have the knowledge and experience to handle that type of work.  

I am just appreciative that I was given the chance to attack the work and was given a great learning experience.  I think perhaps right now I want to be a freelancer, since my brain seems to work better at night.  For example it is 1:35am and I’m still going.  Mornings really start out slow and around 8pm my brain hits premium working status.  

Will need to find another position to work as I build up my portfolio and skills to make it off just freelancing.  Luckily I have plenty of other skills to pull on and my hubby has been very supportive, even with the bills being just a few days late.  We are making ends meet . . . roof over our head, food in our bellies (which need to be a little less marshmallowy (I know that isn’t a word, but I made it one. Ha!), all the furry children are well fed too and all the computers are working (kinda important for a developer).

I learned another programming language, PHP; but I still prefer Ruby.  But it is nice to have an understanding of PHP, since it is used on so many websites.  Perhaps you have heard of a couple, like Twitter and Facebook.  

I have been playing with Jekyll tonight and it is a quick and efficient way to create a blog within 10 minutes (Wow! I know that is really fast.) and then you just have to stylize it.  And I like making websites pretty, so no big deal with that.  I just need not to delete any project I start and am not happy with the results.  I need to remember to show that I have at least worked on something and haven’t been slack.  

My anal retentive, perfectionist doesn’t like things not being exactly how I want them.  Good for a developer, though sometimes I need to learn to get up and do something else for a little bit.  I tend to ultra-focus on whatever I am doing to the point of not knowing anything happening around me.  ADD coming out there.  And my poor daughter is exactly the same way (not always bad) and she also got my klutziness (Not good.  I have enough for both of us).

Well I probably should get some sleep!  Adieu and rest well!


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