Another 2 weeks

Well, right now it seems as every 2 weeks is when I remember to blog.  I really need to make myself a reminder.  This helps put my brain in order for everything I have been doing.  Well obviously, I did finish that contract job.  It was a bit over my experience level but now I have some things to add to my list in learning and I am very appreciative of the experience.  

While I am learning more to improve my coding skills, I decided to be an Uber driver.  I had no clue about it till my husband’s aunt told me about it.  One of her friends does Uber for a living.  Now if you know nothing about Uber (like me), it is like a taxi service but more personal.  You just need the app on your smartphone and be approved as a driver.  If you are a rider, you can just go online and say you need a ride (your location needs to be one), then Uber will find the closest driver to you and send them the request to accept.  Oh the driver side, you go online and as soon as there is a rider in your area (and you are the closest) you will receive a pop up that you can tap once to accept, then it switches to whatever map you wish to use.  I use Google Maps, but many use Waze (I didn’t know what this was either).  Anyways it will calculate the way from where you are to the rider.  Very simple concept and much quicker than a taxi.  

I have done Uber for 2 days and the first day I liked better than day 2.  There are times during the day when they have surge activity, meaning there are not enough drivers for the requests and a part of the map is highlighted in red.  When this happens, the pricing goes up due to not having enough drivers.  Once there are enough drivers, it goes back down.  I really do not like the chaos of surge which I did on Friday, but Thursday was calm and I had enough trips in 4 hrs to make me happy.  I worked 4hrs on Thursday (non-surge) and made more money than the 5hrs on Friday during surge.  I think I may keep to the late morning early/late afternoon time.  It was peaceful and I still made money.  

Though one thing if you are going to be a driver, you need to keep up with everything.  Uber does not deduct your taxes, you will need to keep up with that.  Also keep track of your miles, food receipts while you work (lunch, dinner, etc), gas, car maintenance, and anything you buy for your car to make your ride as pleasant an experience for your riders (water bottles for thirst riders, cellphone power cords for charging dying cellphones).

Though Uber is only a temporary thing until I can build up enough of a portfolio to make enough money to pay the bills from freelancing as a website developer.  Nice thing is I can pick what hours I work, since my daughter just started middle school this is a good thing.  Though if I can find the right company, I will take a normal job.

And on I go . . . I finally created my own personal website,  I am happy I got everything working with the transitions between pages.  My husband and daughter didn’t think it was a big deal, but to me it was.  Bah on them.  I am currently learning how to create my own WordPress site and I will be adding that to my website too.  Still have to add some of my projects to my projects page, but happy to have what I do have.

I currently do not have a comments section to my website yet, but please check it out and let me know here what you think!  Having a unbiased opinion is always a good thing and I have no problem changing things around if someone thinks of something better than what I have done.  

Well hope everyone has had a nice weekend!!  


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. raynino
    Sep 08, 2015 @ 21:22:25

    so couple things: keep on learning, you have a great personality.

    As for managing Uber expenses the easiest thing you can do is to choose a bank, personal or business acct (im guessing your a DBA as of now) that has spending analytics to help you decipher where your money is going, ie. fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc.

    This will help you to have quick easy access to ‘only’ expenses for Uber and will provide a snapshot to view dollars in vs. dollars out. More importantly, this will separate your personal finances from business making tax filing easier and keep the Tax man off your ass if you get called for an audit. Trust me!

    As for regular job please give me an idea of what you know your ‘exceptional’ at and without a doubt bring real value to a company? This answer should be a relatively quick one to answer and should be the ‘one thing’ you know your great at and NOT what you want to be great at!

    email me at: ray @ fieldvine[dot]com

    Best 🙂



    • kmcmcurtis7
      Sep 16, 2015 @ 18:37:13

      Hey! I emailed you about the exceptional question above. My husband read it after the fact and said I was too hard on myself. I was the “go to” girl for so long that the little mistake I make now just bother me. But I am good at whatever I do, I like to learn and in the Development field, it’s a good thing.

      Anywho, I was checking to see if you received my email since I haven’t heard back from you.




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