Too much and not enough

I am having the realization that learning too much can be just as bad for you, as knowing too little.  I have been trying to learn as much as I can and my Ruby on Rails skills have suffered for it.  So I am going back to refresh my Ruby on Rails skills and only add learning Javascript as that is used everywhere on everything.  I am taking a Basic Javascript workshop by Girl Develop IT.  It is simple, but being simple does not always imply easy.  There is so much out there and I am at a lapse of just where to go.  I know getting a job in this industry is knowing the right people and that in itself is a large task to deal with.  I want to go somewhere I can learn and grow.  Making the most $$ I can at the moment is not as big a deal to me as learning and getting the experience that will help me become a respected developer in the website development field.  I do love spending time coding.  It fulfills something within me and makes me forget the time I am working on, whatever it may be.  I actually have to remember to boot myself off the computer or I will be coding till 2am in the morning.  Never have I done that with any other career, job or hobby (except reading a really good book).  

Right now I am just stressing about getting that first job.  I do not doubt that I will get that first foot into the industry, it is just waiting for that first job .  This is something I wish to do with a passion and to be able to assist others who are in the position I am currently in for that first job in the development community.  There is such a love and desire to help others in the development field among developers that I have never felt in any previous career field.  These developers are willing to volunteer their free time for workshops/classes during the week and weekends to help those in the field and any who are curious about development.  For that alone, I give much respect.  This is a community I want to be part of of and to make a difference within this community.

I believe the hardest part I am having is my mindset.  I have been the “go to” girl at my prior career for 14yrs and everyone came to me for help quite often.  I have no problems with helping anyone, if I have the knowledge to do so.  But now I am coming from the other end, where I am no longer the “go to” girl and am at a loss of how to deal with this change of mindset.  At the moment, I would be happy to work some hours for free to get the experience I need to really get started in this field.  Classes and tutorials only do so much and then actually experience working for a company is needed.  I learn best by seeing how something is done, asking questions and then doing it myself a couple times and then I am good.  Once I get the feel for what I am doing, I can figure out things from there on my own.  So I am patiently (as patiently as I can) waiting for that opportunity to prove myself.  Praying that it will be soon as I want my skills to sharp with actual work as practice only goes so far.

I do hope this blog helps others who are changing careers after being in one career for a long while.  It is scary and a huge risk.  Though I may be stressed about this now and worrying about getting my first official job, I know this is the right decision and it will pay off in the long run.

Keep your chin up and keep pushing for success!!


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