Inspiration Found Again

I think I have discovered my inspiration for coding again.  I did not realize I had went into a downward spiral until talking with a new-found comrade in developing on Friday via a meeting at Starbucks.  Ironic I do not drink coffee.  However I do love the smell and for some reason coffee shops are associated with one on one networking/meetings.  

Talking about coding, how I left my old job, finding myself again, feeling alive, taking coding immersion bootcamp, learning more skills, etc . . . .  through this re-iteration of the how, when, where, what and why helped clear my mind and re-inspired me to focus.

I had focused on trying to learn so much so fast, that I had lost that focus and motivation.  I am now working on improving my Ruby on Rails skills and learning JavaScript (which is everywhere in every type of program).  I am dusting off a project I had begun and threw to the back burner until later. That project is a Chores phone app for my family to keep up with their chores, so I do not have to nag them constantly.  I’ll let the app do that for me. 🙂  I plan on assigning points to each chore in hope that competing may inspire (A lot of wishing in that word) them to actually do their chores on their own.  I have written down most of what I need for the app and need to start the actual coding.  I feel I have found myself again.  Yay me!

Now onward to getting a job doing what I love to do . . . coding Ruby on Rails!!

Note: I have been blessed with an abundance of great advice from various people in the technology sector while I have been an Uber driver.  So overall life has been showing me where I need to go!


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