Sharing the passion and working hard.

I did get sidetracked doing Uber trying to catchup on bills, but I’m getting refocused back on coding and then I wouldn’t have to worry about bills.  I think I am about ready, but I still have to think too hard about what I am doing, so I need more practice to make it second nature or as close to second nature.  The last couple days of nice weather during the Thanksgiving holiday has helped re-energized me.  It’s really amazing what a couple hours of the sun can do for us.  I have a daylight alarm, but can only use it when my husband and I get up around the same time or he complains that he gets woke up too early. Wah! 😭  But it is great when I get to use it, because it is a gentle wake up as it slowly brightens the room and you just wake up. You aren’t startled or shaken awake, you just open your eyes.  Definitely makes for a better morning. 

So my tutor has a job and starts on 30th, so I’ll have to grab him when he is available.  He so deserves the job as he is super smart, but I think his bluntness kept him from getting a job before now.  He is a great teacher and will probably be mentoring newbies before too long.  Perhaps I maybe one of them, but he is working somewhere that does not use Ruby so that may not be in the works.

Working Uber the Thanksgiving weekend has been fun, since I have met more Uber drivers and seen all kinds.  Though disappointed with the unprofessional dress and manners of a few of them and wondering how they are still driving for Uber.  One example, is a guy wearing ratty jeans that had holes in a not so good spot and duct taped over them.  He drove like that all day.  Yes, this is not fiction.  He is efficient, but not professional.  I see our service (esp. at the airport) as a professional service and we should dress it.  If you are going to wear jeans, make them a nice pair with a nice shirt and shoes.  And flip-flops are not appropriate at all.  But I digress!

Though I almost forgot, because of my passion for coding I am sharing with Uber riders.  I have had a lot of college kids and people unhappy with their jobs (preaching to the choir) and have shared my thoughts, experiences and directed them to to check it out.  I hope this has helped a few people, because there are more than enough jobs out there for developers and I am helping as much as I can.  I am also directing them to the app “Meetup” as it is a great way to meet people with the same interests.  Lots of developers, but there are lots of other interests out there too.

On with Life . . .

If you do not use Groupon yet, you are missing some really good deals.  We actually found a great deal on a laptop for my daughter and it will last her for a few years.  It’s a manufactured refurbished laptop, so there is a 90 day warranty on it.  Gives us enough time to make sure it isn’t screwed up and grandparents assisted with the financing. 🎉 My hubby verified it was acceptable (he does IT), before we purchased it.  Definitely a good buy since my daughter is going to need it for school.  Yay! One more thing off the list.

Have no idea what to buy her for Christmas. 😱 Especially since we are tight on money.  She is really understanding, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want to do something for my daughter.  Might have to see if I can find some creative juices and figure something out.

Teachers and friends are getting baked goods whether they like it or not.  Something  we can make together as a family.  Inexpensive and yummy!!  Any suggestions for what type of baked goods I should make?  I’m not afraid to try anything. Ha!

Well back to practice and learning coding!  Have a great day!!


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