My map, reminders and impacts

Yay me!  My reminder is working since I am doing my blog within a week of the last one.  Trying to make this a habit.  I’ve been bringing my laptop with me when I Uber, so during slow times I can study and work on my blog.  I am enjoying Uber during this time of year as most people are more upbeat because of the holidays.  There are those that are not as happy, but I do try to uplift their spirits on the ride.  Sometimes it works and sometime it does not.  But even if it is one out of 10 at least I am making a good impact in their life.  I am also in the top 10% of Uber drivers in the ratings.  I do not get anything special for it, but Uber does send a Thank You email for having great ratings.  Sometimes that is all that makes a difference . . . appreciation.

I have been looking at my “map” for (shows all the steps I have to complete) and boy is it long.  I think because I understand a lot, it is going by a little faster.  But there is a lot to go through.  I have my good days where my brain is working great and I move through fast and then those days where it feels like there is cotton in my brain and nothing makes sense.  Frustrating, but it will become easier the more I immerse myself into it.

My daughter’s laptop came it and it runs great!  Groupon is awesome!  Though she has practically been attached to it since she got it.  Definitely going to put damper on that.  At least till school is done for the holidays.  On the plus side, it will be a good laptop for school for a few years for her and that is very important.  On her plus side, it can also play the games she wants to play such as Minecraft. LOL!

Speaking of which, did you know that this week is “Computer Science Week & Hour of Code”?  Me neither.  My daughter’s school sent an email out about it.  Here’s the blurb about it: 

This week, across over 150 countries, millions of people will try out computer programming for the first time as part of Computer Science Education Week. Students enrolled in Ms. Hayes’ CTE Computer Skills and Applications Classes will be given an opportunity to participate in the Hour of Code online competition.

The Hour of Code is an hour-long introduction to computer programming designed to demystify coding and show students that everyone can learn the basics.

Read more at Khan Academy about several custom-made tutorials that require no prior experience.

Cool huh?!

A student in the freecodecamp found a great quote that sums up coding very well.

“Learning a new skill is though… learning doesn’t feel like anything. You can’t tell whether you’re learning something when you’re learning it–in fact, learning feels a lot more like frustration. What I’ve learned is that during this period of frustration is actually when people improve the most… If you feel frustrated while trying to understand these new concepts, try to remember that it might not feel like it, but you’re probably rapidly expanding your knowledge.”

~ Jeff Dickey “Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN stack”

So very true and a great reminder that nothing worthwhile is easy.


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