This Past Week

This past week has been crazy!  My daughter ran a fever on and off last week, was coughing and when the fever broke she broke out in hives.  3 urgent care visits and a visit to her regular doctor came up with a virus hitting kids that sticks around for a little while.  She has been so miserable and I didn’t get much work done or sleep, as I was taking care of her and making sure she ate and drank.  Not an easy task when the child has no appetite.  She is feeling better now, but the hives are still around.  A lot of kids are out of school because of this virus, so sending classwork/homework home is the norm at the moment and of course she is worried about it effecting her A’s Honor status.  At least she will have winter break to get better and get her school work done.

I am in the Bonfires 🔥 for where they give you some code that is wrong and has to be corrected to accomplish directives given, so this has been fun and a little challenging.  One I spent several hours on and then went to bed frustrated.  The next morning I figured it out in 10 minutes.  Argh!  But at least that means I am learning something and it is sticking.  Woot!  Now I need to play catch up since I did not do much while dealing with my very sick daughter.  A parent’s worry over a very sick child takes precedence over anything else.

Despite not working many hours for Uber last week and this week, I am doing relatively well.  However I need to put my nose into coding, so I will have a job doing that quicker.  Still running into tech riders and getting good advice and support for changing my job mid-life.  Still rough changing over, but I know in the long run it will be worth it.  And unless we have an outrageously massive solar flare ☀️ that knocks all the technology out 💥, becoming a programmer will be a great job needed for many years to come.

Christmas is next week.  Where did the time go?!  Still working on what exacting we are doing.  Though I volunteered to have it at my home, I haven’t figure out what is going to be on the menu other than ham, corn, green bean casserole.  Fortunately Mom is making her Yam Casserole (YUM!).  We need a few more things and desserts.  My dad is a diabetic, so I have to take that into account.  If anyone knows any great recipes for diabetics, please let me know.  Ones that you have actual tried and tested that is.

Speaking of Christmas, our cute not so little anymore kitten 🐈 killed our artificial Christmas tree.  Luckily we put it up without any decorations to see what he would do.  Well he decided it was a good place to lay and destroyed tree limbs that could not be recovered.  It was an old tree, so not too much of a big deal.  We just will not have a tree this year.  Hopefully next year he will be old enough not to climb into it.  At least, that is the goal.  Though recently I have seen upside down Christmas trees which look to be hanging from the ceiling.  They look really neat, but I’m not sure how they have them fastened to the ceiling.  Definitely cat proof.  Though there maybe a few cats that can prove otherwise, in that case I hope someone gets video of it. LOL!

Tonight is my husband’s work Christmas party!  It’s one time during the year I can see my hubby dressed up and looking great.  Yay!!  I need to get a good picture this year as proof.  We get to have a date and have a great time with some great people.  They always have good food, so trying not to eat much between now and then.  Must partake of all the yummy foodstuffs!!  Especially the dessert 🍰!! They will have an open bar, maybe I’ll drink enough to brave dancing in front of people. My husband can only hope! 🎉

I hope everyone is having a great month!  Smile, your smile could make someone’s day!!


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