Christmas and all that jazz . . .

My husband’s Christmas party was fun. Hubby wimped out on me and we didn’t go anywhere else afterwards. We even used Uber so we could drink some and stay out. But it was nice to dress up and eat at a traditional Italian restaurant. Cafe Luna is definitely a place to go in downtown Raleigh if you want some good Italian food. Though next time we are out we are definitely going to Bitter Sweet, which is a dessert bar. Yum!

Christmas was a success. Nothing was burned and there was plenty of food for everyone. It is always good to see my parents and my sister and brother in law. This is I think the second or third time I have cooked for a group for a holiday, so I am happy everything came out fine. We didn’t have many presents, but some of the important people in my life were there and that is more important. Oh and another plus of having people over, my house gets really clean and I get plenty of exercise cleaning!

While I was Uber-ing on the day after Christmas, one of my riders had a great idea for Christmas that his family does. Instead of presents, they go on family trips for the holiday. That is a great idea and memories last longer than material things. 🙂 Something we may consider for coming years.

On the coding front, I’m figuring out the Bonfires mostly on my own with minimum help. Yay! The logic to Javascript is making more sense to me as I tackle these problems. I keep hearing go ahead and create an application on my own and I will learn a lot. However I’m one of those people who want to know the “how” and the “why” something is done. Most people just want to know how something is done and I do not fit in that category. Doing the is helpful with that with answering the “why” and I remember things better when I know the “why”. I know it may take a little longer to get the right job, but at least I’ll know what I am doing and understand “why” I am doing it. I might be able to get a job already, but I’m one of those people who wants to make sure I can do a job before I apply or take a position. I do realize that the development community does not necessarily work that way, but I do not like assuming that I can do a job and I do not like disappointing people with my work. I know that my career in development will always be a work in progress as the technologies are always changing and no website is ever complete. I believe once I start actually working and have someone to directly ask questions I will be fine. I have always worked better under pressure.

Well back to work. Hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and enjoyed the extra time off!


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