A New Year

Wow have I have missed a little over a month and it’s the start of a new year, so I am thinking this might be a long one.

It has just been over a year since I left my job in commercial insurance underwriting.  It really does not feel that long ago.  I still feel that it was the best decision I have made and feel completely happy with it.  I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I have learned a lot about myself during this time and what I want to do when I grow up (LOL!).  Coding fills that workaholic need I still have for detail oriented work and love that there is always something new to learn.  However changing my mindset from a person that everyone relied on for help to someone that needs help has been a struggle.  I am not always sure what I need help with and when I need to ask for help.  I am sure once I finish learning where I feel comfortable with my abilities and once I have a job where I am coding full-time, I will find that zen zone. 😎

I have made it through the Bonfires part of freecodecamp.com, but they had introduced new material and I had to go back and work through a few new exercises.  I just realized the other day that they removed the Angular.js material in favor of React.js.  I think that is great, but I have a video series on Angular.js with Bootstrap.  So I guess I will learn that on my own.  We have rearranged the office/computer room so I can stand and work on my computer.  Hoping this helps with staying focused and me not hunching over my computer.  I do like meeting with fellow campers to work on where ever we maybe in freecodecamp.com and help each other out.  I wish I had found this group earlier, but at least I did and it is keeping me motivated.  My middle school aged daughter has shown interest in doing the camp with me.  I think it is a great idea if she really likes it.  Her getting a Front End developer certificate before she finishes middle school is awesome.  I told her she can support us earlier in life. Ha ha!

Speaking of my daughter . . . she is in her 2nd half of the first year at middle school and hormones are kicking in.  Ugh not looking too pretty, but the best I can do is pray for sanity, patience and understanding for all of us. She missed 2 weeks of school in December due to being really sick.  So she has 2 high B’s for grades instead of all A’s for the quarter, but one B and all A’s for the semester.  But I know what she is capable of and proud of her for having such good grades.  She is a perfectionist like me, but gets frustrated easily.  I have been there and done that and a lot more patient now than earlier in life.  

Great News!  KJ has been accepted into the Reading AIG (Academically & Intellectually Gifted) program.  Now we are just waiting to see if she has been accepted into the Math AIG program.  She usually has all her homework done before she even gets home from school.  School comes easy to her, so going to a class that challenges her will be good.  Hopefully the AIG program will be challenging for her.  We will see.

My hubby has been great and supportive as he can, but still stressing about making the bills.  He is an awesome husband and wonderful father.  I know we have our disagreements and we work through them.  Fortunately they have hired someone for their CA office and he does not have to work overtime at home every evening anymore.  It was nice to get that extra money, but it is nicer to have him during the evenings now.

I am still Uber-ing and learning how to work the guaranteed rates during morning and evening rush hours.  If I can work those times (6-9am & 5-7pm), I can be home and have time with my family in the evenings and work on my code during the day.  This should keep us up to date on our bills and maybe a little bit more.  Hopefully no more car repairs in the near future.   

I still am meeting some great people that work in the tech industries and it is interesting to hear their stories of how they got into working in the tech field.  It is amazing some of the things we can do with technology that we couldn’t imagine were possible 20 years ago.  I have contacts in several companies for when I am ready for a job in coding, but I do not think I am there yet.  At least not on my terms.  

I have to have a shout out to Ray Antonio, one of the founders of FieldVine.  He sees me as a diamond in the rough and has been great in keeping me motivated with his belief in me.  That has helped more than he knows.  Changing your career midlife is rough, especially if you were in a field for 14 years before the change.  I really hope to work for him one day as he inspires people and I believe he will be a great leader for his company.

Back to the grindstone!  Keep your chin up and keep treading!


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