A New Year

Wow have I have missed a little over a month and it’s the start of a new year, so I am thinking this might be a long one.

It has just been over a year since I left my job in commercial insurance underwriting.  It really does not feel that long ago.  I still feel that it was the best decision I have made and feel completely happy with it.  I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I have learned a lot about myself during this time and what I want to do when I grow up (LOL!).  Coding fills that workaholic need I still have for detail oriented work and love that there is always something new to learn.  However changing my mindset from a person that everyone relied on for help to someone that needs help has been a struggle.  I am not always sure what I need help with and when I need to ask for help.  I am sure once I finish learning where I feel comfortable with my abilities and once I have a job where I am coding full-time, I will find that zen zone. 😎 More


4 more days . . . websites and sickness

I cannot believe I only have four more days of Coding Camp!  It really does not seem that much time has passed.

Last week we began Team and Individual final websites.  The Team website we are doing is creating a Dog Rescue site. Easy to pick since 2 of us have rescued pets.  Though this weekend was hit or miss since I got sick and one of the other two mates was sick.  Of all of the weekends to get sick, it had to be the last weekend before the end of class. Ugh! More

8 More Days to go

Wow, it seems as this 8 week Coding Immersion camp has flown by and only 8 more days of class to go.  I can say I am happy that I am actually figuring it out and I love the challenge.  Though there is way too much information and different ways to code for anyone to know it all.  The key is being able to Google and find the information you need to finish what you are working on at the moment.  I had a moment on Tuesday night.  Several people in my class were getting the same “pending migration error” when we attempted to add an avatar to our website and I had gone to bed irritated the night before because I could not figure it out. Tuesday night my moment happened when resolved the problem (via Google) for all of us at 10:30pm and posted it for everyone to see.  Needless to say, I slept great that night, not haunted by that error. More

End of week 5 – Light Bulb

Week 5 and three more weeks till I am done with the Coding Immersion camp.  Yesterday I had the Light Bulb moment when everything started making connections and I could figure out Syntax Errors on my own and they were usually just a typo of a letter or colon instead of a semi-colon.  YAY  ME!!  I am really enjoying this camp and cannot wait to begin a new career. More


This week has been rough. Monday was great, but Tuesday was absolutely not. In class, somehow my code got messed up and between the instructor and me; we could not figure out what was wrong. Needless to say I was so frustrated and irritated and could not seem to get anything figured out. Woke this morning with a migraine as I allowed myself get overwhelmed over something I can control. But took the migraine for me to resolve because I have 4 more weeks of projects and practice that I should be fine with a job by the end of the camp. More

There is a light!!

Looks like I will be making these blogs once a week, as camp is keeping me busy.  The coordinator is keeping us busy with speakers, company tours and workshops to go to.  They are optional, but this is a career choice I am making and I want to have as much as I can get into to my head to get a good job and have it before camp ends next month.

I have not really broken anything down in these blogs, as if you haven’t taken a programming immersion camp or had any type of programming training, it would not make much sense.  And the intent of these blogs is more to provide it can be done later in life, to offer encouragement and to provide you with some information to get ahead if you decide to pursue programming as a career. More

Week 3 and code is making some sense.

Week three . . . there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  This week there were a couple field trips to Citrix and Atlantic BT.  The class toured the facilities, received advise about what to expect and should do when looking for a job.

I have been really motivated about this Coding Immersion camp, but the first two weeks I was worried that I would not be able to keep up and possibly wasted my money.  But now, things are starting to make sense in my head and the next few weeks will be practicing what we have learned and working on projects.  The projects will become part of my portfolio that employers will look at to see what you can do.  And one thing that we keep hearing, is if you have the skills then they just need to know if they can work with you. More

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